2020 Alternative Plan Special Page

Top2020 Alternative Plan Special Page

Due to the influence of the new coronavirus (COVID-19), the spring overseas dispatch program "BRIDGE Challenge Trip" and the summer invitation program "BRIDGE Summer Camp" have been cancelled.
Although face-to-face interaction is not possible this year, we have decided to use the unique resources of APCC and the modern Internet to provide a new form of cross-cultural exchange, with the name ``BRIDGE Summer WEB Camp 2020.'' We will be working on five projects under the.

BRIDGE Challenge Trip 2020 and BRIDGE Summer Camp 2020 have been canceled due to the global outbreak of COVID-19. It is really unfortunate that this year's participants cannot see each other and attend the exchange program here in Fukuoka, Japan.
Looking for ways to fulfill our vision amid the pandemic, APCC has planned some alternative events, which makes up BRIDGE Summer WEB Camp, to provide the participants with some opportunities to communicate with one another online.

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[Introduction of each project / About Project]

The feeling of helping each other and caring for others, transcending differences, is even more necessary because of the coronavirus pandemic.In order to reconsider the importance of this, we will be conducting a painting project with the theme of ``OMOIYARI''.
We hope that by gathering together the OMOIYARI paintings expressed by participants from all over the world and creating a place to share them with each other, we will be able to deepen our understanding of the meaning of OMOIYARI as set forth in APCC's vision.
We are no longer accepting submissions, but the submitted works are now open to the public, so please take a look at the OMOIYARI that have arrived from all over the world! !

The Omoiyari Art Contest has been organized by the APCC head office. The theme of this contest is OMOIYARI in everyday life. “OMOIYARI” spirit, a part of the APCC vision, stands for “Respect and Understanding”. We want the participants to express their OMOIYARI spirit in their drawings/paintings. All the submitted artworks are uploaded on the APCC special website. We hope that this project will be an opportunity to think what “OMOIYARI” is again.

We are the BRIDGE Festival 2020, which was actually scheduled to be held in Tenjin on Saturday, July 18th, will be held online! Performance videos by child ambassadors from around the world who were scheduled to come to Fukuoka will be released on YouTube. 。
There will also be a fashion show by Peace Ambassadors (PAs), who will showcase diverse cultures from around the world.Additional greetings in each language and explanations of the costumes will be added, providing a unique experience for viewers in a way that is different from real events. We will communicate the wonders of culture.

APCC will host the online performance event on YouTube as an alternative to the live summer event. The submitted videos of JAs' performance video and PAs' fashion show will be uploaded on YouTube and shared on the special APCC website on July 18th, 2020

This is a greeting book that allows you to see at a glance the countries participating in the event and the local greetings.
Please take a look at what languages the Children's Ambassadors, who were originally scheduled to come to Fukuoka this summer, use to greet each other!
*This greeting book was created by volunteers from the Asia-Pacific Children's Conference in Fukuoka. We appreciate your understanding and understanding as some of these may contain words that are different from those originally used locally.
This is a greeting chart that you can see the greetings of the participating countries and regions at a glance.Please take a look at what language the Junior Ambassadors who were planning to visit Fukuoka this summer use and how they greet on this chart.
*This greeting chart is created by the volunteers of the Asian-Pacific Children's Convention in Fukuoka. Please understand that there might be some expressions that are not commonly used by the locals.

We will create opportunities for the child ambassadors and the children of Fukuoka to increase their interest in other cultures through activities in which they ask and answer questions about other countries and regions. In addition, through a new form of interaction called catch-ball, in which students answer each other's questions, they will be exposed to the diverse cultures and differences of the world, which will lead to motivation for cross-cultural exchange.
Questions and answers from child ambassadors from various countries and regions around the world are available online! Would you like to take a look at cross-cultural exchange from the children's perspective?

This project has been specially created for the 2020 JAs, Chaperons, and PAs of BRIDGE Summer Camp, the Japanese members of the BRIDGE Challenge Trip 2020, Host families, and the Fukuoka KIDs applicants who could not participate in the APCC programs because of the cancellation Although it will not be possible to communicate face to face this year, exchanging questions and answers with their 'APCC Friends' will help the participants understand the cultural differences among the countries/regions.
APCC will collect all the questions and answers and upload them to the APCC special website in July 23rd.

The meeting, which was originally scheduled to be held at PA camp from July 14th (Tuesday) to July 17th (Friday), was held on May 16th (Saturday) and May 17th (Sunday) using an online conference tool (Zoom). ) was held virtually.
PAs representing each country and region connected online, actively discussed how to revitalize bridge clubs in each country, exchanged ideas, and deepened exchanges.
You can view the virtual camp report (in English) below!

Due to the global pandemic, the PA Camp was canceled. Therefore, for the first time, the PA Camp was virtually conducted. The Camp comprised of sessions and activities focused on strengthening the BRIDGE CLUBs by discussing & solving club problems, creating impact through activities , etc. These sessions and the activities in the camp were planned in such a way that they enabled the PAs to learn different skills in a fun and engaging way. 
The camp was a huge success and the PAs had a fun time learning different skills while interacting, brainstorming, and meeting fellow Peace Ambassadors.

As an alternative project to real-life exchange, in 2020 we will plan and operate a new type of cross-cultural exchange and experience program that has no restrictions on location or number of people, using connections via the Internet and online media such as YouTube. . At the same time as disseminating these information, we will take on a new challenge of collecting donations online from people who agree with and support APCC's activities, both domestically and internationally.

In 2020, as an alternative to real-life international experience, we have launched BRIDGE Summer WEB Camp 2020. Thanks to the Internet and the online platform such as YouTube, this program is open for everyone across the world. Alongside this online initiative, we are setting up a platform on our website to receive international donations from those who support and believe in our program.

[Other activities/Other projects]

At APCC(One company) Fukuoka Junior ChamberWe support the # Smile Mask Movement started by!
Since April, APCC has been using its official Facebook page to spread the word about this movement. As a result, many APCC members from Japan and abroad have agreed! We have created an album on Facebook that collects those photos. So please take a look.

The APCC supports the #SmileMask Movement which was launched by Junior Chamber International Fukuoka (JCI-Fukuoka): the organization that founded APCC in 1989.
A lot of the APCC members have joined this movement, and we made an album on our Facebook page with those their SmileMask photos. Please take a look.

The number of child ambassadors who have participated in the APCC program, which has been running for over 30 years, is ``more than 10,000 people all over the world''!More than half of them are of the age who are leading society in their countries and regions. The BC Professional Network was launched with the aim of developing global bridge leaders by using the BC network to exchange their specialized knowledge and experience and provide opportunities to improve the skills of BC members. Although we were not able to do so, we held the seminar in seminar format using the Web.The next Web seminar will be held in two months for students affiliated with BC!

The BRIDGE CLUB Professionals Network (BCPN) has hosted the first of its kind BCPN Webinar on 4th July 2020, based on the theme of Post-Virus Businesses from cross-border perspectives; dedicated for the professional members of the network. The presentations delivered by the two of our Guest Speakers of the Webinar; Mr. Ashik Noon from Bangladesh (JA 1992 , PA 2000) and Mr. Hitoshi Iwamato from the BCIO Board of Directors respectively, were very insightful and informative. A session of Questions and Answers were followed by the presentations and the Speakers answered the remarkable questions asked by the audience.
The next Webinar is tentatively scheduled after about 2 months and is aimed to the student members of the network. Please stay tuned with us for more information on the upcoming BCPN Webinars!