We aim for world peace and coexistence through children's
international exchange.

APCC is a non-profit organization that has been conducting private-level grassroots international exchange projects based in Fukuoka since 1989.

To date, we have invited 11-year-old children from around 55 countries and regions around the world to Fukuoka, and we have also sent children from Fukuoka, Japan to the same region.

We aim to foster "Global citizens with an OMOIYARI spirit" and create a more peaceful world where the smiles of children abound and we are working under the slogan "We are the BRIDGE".


More than 30 countries and regions around the world 
participated in APCC
Only one dynamic and unique international exchange in the world


Exchange Program in FUKUOKA
Every summer, we invited over 200 11-year-old Junior Ambassadors and Chaperones from over 30 countries and regions around the world. The entire city of Fukuoka will be treated as a large campsite, and a dynamic cross-cultural exchange will take place over about two weeks, including Homestay, School Visit and Exchange Camp in Fukuoka.
BRIDGE Challenge Trip from FUKUOKA
Overseas Exchange Program
Every year during spring break and every other year during summer break, we offer youths from Fukuoka an opportunity to go overseas and deepen their intercultural understanding through participating in programs of Homestay, School Visit and cultural activities with local children. This program also encourage their interest in and exploration of Japanese culture.

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To Those who have empathy for APCC

APCC is supported by many companies, organizations, and citizens.
We operate with the support of each and every person’s warm and caring heart.

We would appreciate your support and cooperation
in providing various "opportunities" to many children around the world.