BRIDGE Question Exchange

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Here are “the Qs and As” from APCC friends !

The questions and  answers collecting from 21 delegations in 18 countries / regions including Japan are open to the public! What kind of answers did “APCC friends” give to the various questions? Let’s find out the differences and something in common between countries / regions! There is the “Comments & Feedback form” at the bottom of this page, so please feel free to let us know your impressions!

【BQE参加者 / BQE participants】
★海外 / Overseas★

ブリッジ サマーキャンプ2020
・こども大使 及び 引率者
BRIDGE Summer Camp2020
・Junior Ambassadar / Chaperon
・Peace Ambassadar

★日本 / Japan★
ブリッジ チャレンジトリップ2020
BRIDGE Challenge Trip 2020
・Japanese student
ブリッジ サマーキャンプ2020
BRIDGE Summer Camp2020
・Host Family