Hatsavanh Haemany

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APCC is all about my soul and my whole life.

Hatsavanh Haemany
ラオス / Laos
1991年(第3回)こども大使 / JA 1991
SHICHIDA Laos・IZUMI Laos 理事長 / The owner of SHICHIDA Laos and IZUMI Laos
(日本式教育機関 / The Japanese Education Method)

APCC is all about my soul and my whole life. Because participating APCC in 1991, I had a big opportunity to touch a beautiful culture of Japan, I could eat delicious Japanese foods, I could see the nice view of Fukuoka, I could play baseball at my first time, I could swim in the blue sea at my first time. Because my host family really took care me during my homestay with them. I felt really impressed and joyful in my life. I could remember my good memory of APPC activity in 1991 as well until now. APCC is my full energy to stimulate my success and my happiness until now. Because of APCC, I could study and work in Tokyo for 12 years from 1991 to 2011. Because of APCC, I’m doing business with Japanese Partners such SHICHIDA and IZUMI who are the Japanese education brands. Because of APCC, I really love Japan, I really love Japanese foods, I really love Japanese culture and I really love Japanese people. That’s all about my whole life.