Masataka Kawahara

トップページMasataka Kawahara

It has been more than 30 years since I started supporting APCC

川原 正孝 / Masataka Kawahara
株式会社ふくや 代表取締役会長
APCC Board member
Vice President of APCC
Supporter’s Association
Chairman, Representative Director of FUKUYA Co., Ltd.

In 1989, APCC started as one of the projects of the Asian-Pacific Exposition (Yokatopia) in Fukuoka. It has been more than 30 years since I started supporting APCC when Mr. Reinosuke Oya, the first chairman of the APCC Supporter’s Associaton, asked me to support a private international exchange program for children. He expressed his desire to make this project, which brings children from all over the world into direct contact with each other and deepens communication, take root here in Fukuoka and spread to the rest of the world, and I felt this concept was incredible. Time has passed since then, and now we can communicate with people anytime and anywhere using the Internet. Nevertheless, I think the reason why this project is still going on is because the importance of truly understanding each other’s differences and respecting one another through direct contact is rooted in the hearts of everyone involved in the APCC. The only disappointment is that we have to collaborate indirectly in July, when the main project takes place, because of the Yamakasa festival. I sincerely hope that the BRIDGE and APCC will continue to grow and interact beyond the barriers of national and racial borders to bring a peaceful world without conflict.