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『OMOIYARI』の絵プロジェクトについて / ”OMOIYARI” Art Contest Overview

What is ”OMOIYARI” ?
What is the difference between the world with “OMOIYARI” and the one without?

本プロジェクトは、国内だけでなく海外からも参加を募り、『OMOIYARI』をテーマに自由に絵を描いてもらうものです。ご応募いただいた作品は、作品展示ページに掲載しているので、ぜひご覧ください。また応募いただいた作品の中から、入賞作品を選んで表彰します。入賞作品については、8月下旬の発表を予定しております。 お楽しみに!

The global outbreak of COVID-19 is causing various troubles around the world: masks and toilet paper are often out of stock because of the hoarders, and many people have been experiencing pandemic-related hate and discrimination. Though the pandemic is slowing down, the bias and discrimination toward the infected people and their families are yet to fade away.
The aim of this project is to provide people with the opportunity to think about what “OMOIYARI” is in these difficult times. “OMOIYARI” spirit, a part of the APCC vision, stands for “Respect and Understanding”. This concept is important not only for international exchange, but also in our everyday life especially in this current situation caused by the outbreak.
We would like the participants to express their OMOIYARI spirit through art. We will upload the submitted works on the “OMOIYARI” Art Gallery page so that you can see all the drawings from our APCC friends. We hope this project will give you a better outlook on “OMOIYARI” spirit. Also, we will choose the winners from the submitted works. The winners will be announced on this page at the end of August.

応募詳細 / Application details ★7/31締切★

Anyone at any age can participate! (You can take part in this contest even if you have not been involved in our programs.)
Please read the details carefully before applying. All you have to do is to take a photo of your drawing and a photo of you holding one. Then, please submit them on the application page.
We will upload all the drawings on the OMOIYARI Art Gallery. We are looking forward to seeing your OMOIYARI in art.

※Please be sure to read the details before applying. 【Click here for the detail. 】

特別協賛 : ピエトロ 久原本家 ふくや
Special supporter : PIETRO  Kubara Honke FUKUYA