Vision of APCC

We, as members of APCC, will become global citizens with an “OMOIYARI” spirit, creating a more peaceful world where the smiles of children abound

Asian-Pacific Children’s Convention (APCC) in Fukuoka brings together top young minds from across the world, and offers a rare cultural exchange where Junior Ambassadors learn to respect differences and be receptive to different cultures and traditions. This experience has been proven to develop future global leaders and is recognized by the United Nations in its mission to promote world peace.

Over 200 11-year-olds from more than 30 countries and regions attend the Asian-Pacific Children’s Convention (APCC) each year, where they learn the Japanese principals of OMOIYARI (Respect and Understanding) before attending a five-day homestay with one of the 200 Fukuoka families that support the program. The homestay is followed by the performance event, in which each attending nation will showcase their local culture by putting on a traditional performance in front of thousands of people. The exchange ends with a two-day interactive exchange camp, at which attendees get a sense of their responsibility as a global leader to make positive change beyond the program.

Upon their return home, participants will join one of the 41 national BRIDGE CLUB ? creating a vast alumni of over 10,000 past attendees that seeks to nurture the friendships made, while working together towards the APCC’s mission to promote peace and coexistence. Past participants are also welcomed back on occasion to attend the APCC as a Peace Ambassador, where they are taught how to develop the BRIDGE CLUBS in their country.

In 2018, marking the 30th anniversary, the APCC promised to create a wider opportunity for all alumni and help them realize the importance and benefits of achieving global co-operation. Since its foundation, the APCC has grown from a simple international exchange event into an international educational program that involves a number of cities and schools to further exchange opportunities outside of Japan.

To ensure the APCC continues to grow and deliver excellent outcomes for many years to come, we appeal for generous and ongoing contributions that help us to support the development of our future global leaders and continue to promote world peace.

What makes APCC special

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Voices from APCC Past Participants

Ngawang Gyeltshen

Ngawang Gyeltshen's picture'

JA 1989
Programme Coordinator,

I am a pioneer participant in APCC having participated in the first APCC in 1989. As eleven-year-old and early adolescent children, we were just starting to grow and learn to think then. The impacts of APCC on my life is therefore huge, and I reflect many positive changes in life. I participated in the summer camp many times under different capacities. Each time I participate, I meet new friends and learn new things. APCC has given me so much in life, as it has changed the lives of thousands of young people across the Asia-Pacific. APCC has made the entire Asia-pacific a home --- wherever I travel, I have a family. APCC is like an entire University to me where we learn many things. I matured quickly and learned the value of volunteerism and hard work since childhood. This has helped me in pursuing my educational and career dreams.

APCC continues to push the upper limits of its causes towards ‘Peace and Co-existence’ and ‘Omoiyari’ spirit. APCC started as a small project, but where it stands today is a big achievement for all its members, family, and supporters. Today, we have a family of thousands starting from 11-year old children to 42-year old adults. The institution has matured and grown through internal networks such as Bridge Clubs, Bridge Club International Organization, Bridge Club Professional Network, and more. I thank all supporters and request to invest more in this noble initiative that nurtures future leaders. APCC’s ecosystem of global thinkers will make the world a better place to live. We are the BRIDGE

Hatsavanh Haemany

Hatsavanh Haemany's picture'

JA 1991
The owner of SHICHIDA Laos and IZUMI Laos
(The Japanese Education Method)

APCC is all about my soul and my whole life. Because participating APCC in 1991, I had a big opportunity to touch a beautiful culture of Japan, I could eat delicious Japanese foods, I could see the nice view of Fukuoka, I could play baseball at my first time, I could swim in the blue sea at my first time. Because my host family really took care me during my homestay with them. I felt really impressed and joyful in my life. I could remember my good memory of APPC activity in 1991 as well until now. APCC is my full energy to stimulate my success and my happiness until now. Because of APCC, I could study and work in Tokyo for 12 years from 1991 to 2011. Because of APCC, I’m doing business with Japanese Partners such SHICHIDA and IZUMI who are the Japanese education brands. Because of APCC, I really love Japan, I really love Japanese foods, I really love Japanese culture and I really love Japanese people. That’s all about my whole life.

Turjoy Chowdhury

Turjoy Chowdhury's picture'

JA 2002
Photojournalist & Multimedia Artist
Photographer - National Geographic Magazine
Member of The Photo Society (TPS)

APCC is a global family for me. I got the realization of being a global citizen for the first time in my life because of APCC. It’s not only about making friends from different parts of the world but also it is a very silent and spontaneous process of developing a sense of global responsibility and compassion. APCC is the place where we can dream together, play together, smile together even cry together. Looking at today’s world, it is really important for the children to have the experience of APCC more than ever so that we all can share love and peace to make the world a better place.

Lindsay Mackay

Lindsay Mackay's picture'

JA 1992

APCC gave me a second family, my host family in Fukuoka. We are still a family today, 28 years after I first met them at APCC. Over those years we have shared family weddings, the arrival of children and many, many letters and emails. APCC also gave me a global family. I feel connected to people in countries all over the world. Even though I have not visited all of these countries, I can remember their people and ambassadors and when we shared a smile.

These small memories come back to me in my day to day life and work. They make me smile and I hope that the way that I behave in the world reflects the kindness that was shown to me at APCC. It gives me comfort in the difficult times to know that I am part of a bigger family.

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