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We are the BRIDGE つなげます。世界の夢を

Organization overview

Organization name

Asian-Pacific Children's Convention in Fukuoka


February 2002
Officially registered as a NPO (Non-Profit Organization) and changed its organizational structure.
The former body known as “Executive Committee of the Asian-Pacific Children’s Convention in FUKUOKA” was established in November 1988 and has been continuing the summer invitation program since 1989.

Business year

April 1st to March 31st of the following year


1-4-13-6F, Maizuru, Chuo-ku
1-4-13-6F, Maizuru, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka [MAP]

Telephone number


FAX number



Yutaka Aso


We, as members of APCC, will become global citizens with an "OMOIYARI"
spirit, creating a more peaceful world where the smiles of children around.


“We are the BRIDGE ~We connect dreams around the world~”

Theme song

We are the BRIDGE【Play】

Activity purpose

This program aims to support the promotion of exchanges among children from Asia-Pacific countries and regions, and to contribute to the development of young people with international awareness and a desire for peace by encouraging them to learn about their countries, regions and cultures, and to foster friendship and mutual understanding by bridging linguistic, cultural, political and religious differences. The purpose of these activities is also to contribute to the realization of peace and co-existence in the world.

History of APCC

  • November 1988

    Established Executive Committee of the Asian- Pacific Children’s Convention in Fukuoka (APCC)

  • 1st

    July 1989

    Asian-Pacific Exposition, an event to celebrate Fukuoka city’s 100th anniversary. 1st APCC was held as a commemorative event of the 1989 Asian-Pacific Exposition. Invited 1,110 participants from 35 countries and regions.
    Since then, we have held an invitation program every summer (approximately 350-400 people from 40 countries and regions).

  • March 1992

    Inauguration of APCC Supporters’ Association

  • 6th

    March 1994

    Children from Fukuoka visit various locations in the Asia-Pacific during spring break and experience homestays.
    "Mission Project" starts

  • 9th

    July 1997

    Logo and theme song "We are the BRIDGE" were created

  • 10th

    July 1998

    Invited Peace Ambassadors (69 PAs from 37 countries/regions)
    BRIDGE CLUB established

  • 12th

    July 2000

    "School Visit" program was launched

  • 14th

    February 2002

    APCC was granted NPO status

  • 15th

    July 2003

    Invitation program was cancelled due to outbreak of SARS.
    "Heart from Fukuoka Project" was created in response to this cancellation.

  • 16th

    July 2004

    APCC was held alongside the World Assembly as a commemorative event of 59th International Junior Chamber World Congress Fukuoka Conference. Participated from 57 countries/regions.
    Held Global camp including 240 Japanese children

  • 20th

    July 2008

    20th anniversary special event and PR campaign was held
    "Next APCC" the 30th year strategic plan was announced.
    Launched BRIDGE CLUB International Organization. Announced new education program, Wing Kids Program.

  • 21st

    December 2008

    "Wing Kids Program" starts

  • July 2009

    All events after the exchange camp in Invitation program was cancelled due to influenza A (H1N1)

  • 24th

    July 2012

    "One-day school visit program" at local elementary schools was co-hosted by APCC and the Fukuoka city board of education

  • 25th

    July 2013

    25th Anniversary special event and PR campaign was held
    Overseas contact managers/Bridge ClUB (BC) representatives were specially invited, and many overseas BC members also participated at their own expense.
    1st BRIDGE CLUB Presidents meeting was held
    A fictional film "Midori’s Flying Goldfish" was created and screened nationwide.

  • August 2013

    Summer Mission Project was started

  • 28th

    October 2015

    2nd BRIDGE CLUB Presidents Meeting was held in Indonesia

  • December 2015

    Global BRIDGE Leader (GBL) action program was launched for high school students

  • 30th

    July 2018

    30th Anniversary program and Grand reunion was organized
    Future plans from 31st year was announced
    Proposed new name "BRIDGE KIDS PROGRAMS" Expanded the range and aims and added new features to the two main programs, “BRIDGE Summer Camp” and “BRIDGE Challenge Trip”

  • 31st


    Under the new program name ``BRIDGE KIDS PROGRAMS,'' the invitation-type project will be called ``BRIDGE Summer Camp,'' and the dispatch-type project will be called ``BRIDGE Challenge Trip.''

  • 32nd


    Due to the global spread of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19), we have decided to cancel both the BRIDGE Challenge Trip Spring in February and the BRIDGE Summer Camp in April. From July to August, an exchange project "BRIDGE Summer WEB Camp" was held using the Internet as an alternative plan.

  • 33rd


    Continuing from last year, due to the impact of the new coronavirus infection, the online exchange project "BRIDGE Virtual Summer Camp" was held from August to November.

  • 34th


    Education site "APCC for education" was launched
    "BRIDGE Virtual Summer Camp'' was held from July to September, and PAs (Peace Ambassadors) was invited to Fukuoka for the first time in three years from October to November.


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