BRIDGE CLUB (BC) is an APCC alumni founded in 1998 to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Asian-Pacific Children's Convention in Fukuoka (APCC), and has been established in 42 countries and regions (as of 2023). By participating in the APCC as Junior Ambassadors at the age of 11, these young people have made a commitment to become global citizens with an OMOIYARI spirit and are now taking concrete "action" to realize the vision of the APCC.

What BRIDGE CLUB aims for:
"To foster leaders with a global perspective who will shape the world in the future."
“To build a network of "Global Citizens" free from religious, political and economic restrictions.”
"To expand this network across the world, establish a circle of friendship and work towards creating a peaceful society."

Each BRIDGE CLUB decides on its own activities and conducts various activities with Peace Ambassadors, former Junior Ambassadors, their parents, friends, and others. In addition, each BRIDGE CLUB, in cooperation with the APCC liaison offices (government agencies and organizations in each country and region), contributes to the training program for Junior Ambassadors, supports schools in disadvantaged areas by providing school supplies, engages in public relations activities such as creating websites, and promotes Japanese language and culture. BC as an alumni association for APCC alumni, allowing them to stay in touch and maintain their friendships around the world.

There is also a BRIDGE CLUB Japan (BCJ) in Fukuoka, Japan, run by APCC participants (Wing Kids alumni, host family members, and Challenge Trip participants). All the BRIDGE CLUBs around the world are working for the same purpose and in addition to the "common activities" they are also engaged in their own original activities that are unique to Japan, and are striving to become OMOIYARI Global Citizens!

Participants who came to Fukuoka as Junior Ambassadors returned to their home countries and engaged in various volunteer activities in their BRIDGE CLUBs (BCs), and Peace Ambassadors (PAs) play the role of leaders in such activities.
Among the past APCC participants who are willing to promote BRIDGE CLUB activities and active members or potential leaders, one member from each BC will be selected as a PA. The selected PAs will come to Fukuoka together with the Junior Ambassadors during the BRIDGE Summer Camp, where they will hold meetings and exchange opinions to promote the activities of each BC through leadership training and networking among the Peace Ambassadors.

Introduction of each BRIDGE CLUB (partial)

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At the 20th APCC in 2008, the executive members and Peace Ambassadors from 22 countries decided to establish “BRIDGE CLUB International Organization (BCIO)”, with an aim to further accelerate the setup of BCs in all non-BC countries and regions and to enhance the building of networks between existing BCs. BCIO has committed to improve and vitalize BRIDGE projects and utilize the strengths of each BC and to establish active global citizens.

BCIO and related activities

3rd BC Presidents Meeting in 2018

BC members participating in BRIDGE for Business




Can anyone become a member of the BRIDGE CLUB Japan?


Membership in BCJ (BC Japan), an alumni organization in Japan, is open to those who have participated in one of the following programs/projects operated by APCC and are in fifth grade or above at the time of membership. Those who have experience participating in an invitation-type program (those who have experienced being a host friend at BRIDGE Summer Camp and also having experience at an exchange camp such as FUKUOKA KIDS or Waku Waku Kids), those who have experience participating in a dispatch-type program (those who have experienced a Mission Project or BRIDGE Challenge Trip), those who have participated in nurturing project those who have experienced the Wing Kids Program or the Global BRIDGE Leader Action Program (GBLAP). Additionally, you will need to register as a member, so if you would like to join, please contact the APCC office.


I don't have good English skills, but can I become a member of the BRIDGE CLUB Japan?


Even if you do not have English proficiency, you are welcome to join as a BCJ member and participate in our activities.


If I become a member of the BRIDGE CLUB Japan, will I be able to interact with other BRIDGE CLUB members?


Through some online events, you may have the opportunity to interact with BRIDGE CLUB members from around the world. Also, depending on the summer program schedule, there is a possibility that you will be able to interact with Peace Ambassadors when they actually come to Fukuoka.