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APCC is looking for new volunteers to work with us!

■Volunteer registration conditions

1. Those who agree with the purpose of APCC
2. Those who can be involved in activities with motivation and responsibility
3. As a general rule, those who are junior high school students or older
4. Those who do not engage in religious activities for the purpose of proselytizing or for profit.
5. Those who are able to pay their own transportation and food expenses during the activity.

■Introduction of each division

Recommended points of each division, activity period, activity location, meeting frequency, etc.You can check it below.

Details of each division

■Annual schedule

New volunteer registration process

1. Reservation for new volunteer registration briefing session
Please check the "New Volunteer Registration Information Session Schedule" below and make a reservation for the information session from [Application].
2. Participate in the registration briefing session
Please attend the registration briefing session that you have booked.Please note that if you do not participate in the registration briefing session, you will not be able to move on to the registration procedure.
3. Perform the registration procedure
After participating in the registration briefing session, the APCC Secretariat will send you the registration form and password necessary for the main registration procedure. Please fill in the required items and submit the consent form on the web (Google Form).

★What to prepare★
① If you do not have a Google account (Gmail), please create one first.
[Google account creation page↓]

② Parental consent form(Including junior high and high school students, people under 18 years old, and students before entering university)
Junior high school and high school students, those under 18 years of age, and students who have not yet entered university are required to submit a parental consent form (two types in total) when registering.
After downloading and printing from the URL below,Take a photo of the document signed and stamped by the parentAbove, please upload using "Google Form" (*Upload format:JPG/PNG/PDF only)

[Parental consent form download page↓]
4. Check the new registration completion email
The APCC secretariat will complete the registration process based on the information you have registered. Once the registration process is complete, we will send you a new registration completion email.
Once you receive the completion email, your volunteer registration will be officially completed.
・Participation in the registration briefing session is required for registration.
・If there is a problem with the registration procedure, APCC office will contact you.
・It will take approximately one week for the secretariat to complete the registration process. It may take some time for the new registration completion email to arrive.

[Notes regarding new volunteer registration]
・All registration briefing sessions will be held online via Zoom. If you are unable to participate via Zoom, please contact the APCC office.
・When participating in the information session, please participate from a quiet place such as your home.
・There are some subcommittees that have started meetings and other activities since March.We recommend that you attend the registration session early.
・For the orientation division, in preparation for the overnight training at the end of May.Please participate in the registration meeting and complete the registration procedure by the end of April.Also, if there are too many people registered, new registrations may be terminated.

[Implementation times]【Date】【Time】【Method】【Application】
1stTuesday, January 30th19:00~20:15ZoomEnded
2ndFriday, February 9th19:00~20:15ZoomEnded
3rdFebruary 18th (Sun)10:30-11:45ZoomEnded
4thSaturday, March 9th13:30-14:45ZoomEnded
5thMonday, March 18th19:00~20:15ZoomEnded
6thFriday, March 29th19:00~20:15ZoomEnded
7thThursday, April 11th19:00~20:15ZoomEnded
8thSaturday, April 20th10:30-11:45ZoomEnded
9thFriday, April 2619:00~20:15Zoom★Now accepting applications for the April 26th information session★
10th5月9日(木)19:00~20:15Zoom★5/9説明会 受付中★
The dates for the 10th event onwards will be announced in due course.