APCC believes OMOIYARI spirit creates
a more peaceful world where the smiles of children abound.

The place we were born, the environment we grew up in, the language we spoke.
We live in a
world with different religions. Conflicts that arise because of different values and ways of feeling.

Exposure to different cultures with a flexible mind and 
experience of recognizing differences from
an early age will nurture people who respect and care about each other and create a future together.

The moment we realize "being different is normal" and "being different is interesting",
the courage to take a step to know and convey even if we were wrong

APCC wants to deliver such an “opportunity” to many children from FUKUOKA
To the children who will carry the “future”
, please give your support and cooperation.

We also offer support in ways other than those listed above.
Please feel free to contact us please.