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BRIDGE Summer Camp
Homestay Program

What is the homestay program?

This is a program in which 11-year-old Junior Ambassadors and Chaperons from all over the world stay with Japanese families during the approximately two-week period of "BRIDGE Summer Camp.'' By welcoming overseas participants who come to enjoy Japanese life and cultural experiences into your home as part of your family, you will be able to experience diverse values and cultures, and enjoy international exchange with your family even if staying in Fukuoka.

Homestay program features

★ This is a program in which host families take on challenges and come up with new ideas to create their own homestay.
★ We form a group of about 5 host families who accept Junior Ambassadors and Chaperons from the same country/region, and we work together as a group from the preparation period to accept participants, so even first-timers can feel at ease taking on the challenge.

Homestay Schedule

Monday, January 22, 2024Recruitment of host families begins
Wednesday, February 21stHost family recruitment deadline
Mid to late AprilDecision notification mail
Sunday, May 12th★Host family training session/host friend training session
・We will provide basic information about APCC host families to families who have been selected as host families.
・We will also provide separate explanation time for chaperone host families.
Saturday, July 6th★Host family gathering
・This is the last important training session before accepting a homestay, such as medical care and emergency response.
Friday, July 12thBRIDGE Summer Camp starts
July 16th (Tuesday) EveningStart of homestay

Host family application conditions

1. Agree to APCC's vision andto be families living in Fukuoka prefectures.
2. About homestay acceptance

★If you would like to accept a Junior Ambassador
・Families with children of around the same age who can sleep and eat together during the homestay (4th to 6th grade of elementary school/as of April 2024)
・Families that accept the Junior Ambassadors as "members of the family" and treat them as if they were their own children.
*Each family is asked to bear their own living expenses (food, transportation).
*If a child becomes ill or injured, APCC will try to resolve the problem through a Chaperon, but we ask each family to take care of the problem first.
*Junior Ambassadors and Chaperones are covered by overseas travel insurance.

★If you wish to accept a Chaperon
・Families with someone who can communicate in English (daily conversation level)
*You can apply regardless of your family composition. It doesn't matter if you have children or not, and it doesn't matter their age.
*In an emergency situation, a Chaperon may be requested to take the Junior Ambassadors to the homestay home where he or she is staying.
*Each family is asked to pay for living expenses (food, transportation).
3. Families that accept Junior Ambassadors and Chaperons from any country or region without discrimination.
4. Families who can accept participants for the entire homestay period
5. Families who understand and agree to the application conditions set by APCC

Host family
Host family Application

Before applying for host family,Please be sure to read the [Application Requirements] throughtly.Also, to apply for it,"Google Account"is required. (reference: How to create a Google account )




What should I do during my homestay period?


The purpose of the homestay program is for Junior Ambassadors from overseas to experience the real daily life of Japanese children of around the same age. Therefore, there is no need for you to give any special treatment to them. Everything of Japanese daily life becomes an intercultural experience for the them. Please give opportunities to the Junior Ambassadors to go to the local park or school with your child. Enjoy spending times in your normal life with your Junior Ambassador!


Will I be guaranteed to become a host family if I apply?


Host families are not available on a first-come, first-served basis.
We will carefully select host families, taking into consideration various factors such as motivation for applying and the age of the children of the main host friends. If we receive a large number of applications, you may not be able to become host family.


What should I do if a Junior Ambassador(JA)/Chaperon gets injured or sick? Are the costs borne by the host family?


First of all, please treat the JA/Chaperon in the same way as your child and members of family.
(Let the JA/Chaperon rest for a while and see how he/she feels, take the medicine he/she brought with him/her, put a band-aid on, etc.)
Even if it is necessary to visit a hospital, the JA/Chaperon is covered by "travel insurance", so the host family will not be responsible for any medical expenses.