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What is APCC volunteer?

Approximately 500 volunteers, ranging from junior high school students to senior citizens, register each year, and the volunteers are divided into various divisions and engage in activities. The registrants are comprised of wide ranges of ages: 50% are university students or younger, 20% are working adults, and 30% are housewives and middle-aged and elderly people. In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of people from outside Fukuoka prefecture and foreign residents living in Fukuoka registering, and there is active exchange of opinions from a wide perspective and activities in planning and operating programs.

Volunteers will help children from all over the world and in Fukuoka make friends while overcoming various differences in language and culture, and help them become global citizens with an OMOIYARI spirit. Let's have fun together while following the rules, with the aim of becoming a BRIDGE that connects children around the world!

Volunteer activities

*Activities vary depending on the fiscal year.

Immigration support for overseas participants at the airport

Support for children to adjust to Japanese life while maintaining their physical condition

Supporting children's interactions at an elementary school in Fukuoka

Planning and operating performance events where children perform their traditional songs and dances in public

Public relations activities to photograph and record activities in all programs

Planning and management of new volunteer registration meetings and volunteer exchange meetings

Operational support for information sessions and training sessions for sending Fukuoka children overseas

Medical support with medical related licenses

Spot-on activities (MC, interpretation/translation, etc.)

About volunteer registration (2024)

New volunteer: New registration information sessions are scheduled to be held from late January to early June.
Re-registration volunteer: Experienced volunteers can continue to be APCC volunteer by re-registration procedures. The re-registration period is from late December 2023 to the end of April 2024.

APCC volunteers have an annual registration system, and your registration period for that year is from the date of registration until the end of March of the following year.
If you wish to continue volunteering next year, you will need to re-register for the following year.




Does age matter when participating in volunteer activities?


APCC allows older than a middle school student to register our volunteers. At APCC, everyone from junior high school students to seniors is very active, and through our volunteer activities you can meet and become friends with a variety of people.


Can members of my family register as volunteers and participate in activities together?


Families are welcome to participate. You can belong to the same division, but each person's role and responsibility may differ. In addition, volunteers must be older than a middle school student, and one person must be registered at a time. Children under elementary school age are not allowed to accompany volunteer activities.


I live outside Fukuoka Prefecture or overseas, can I still participate in volunteer activities?


During the program period, activities will basically be held face-to-face in Fukuoka. Additionally, meetings of each division will generally be held face-to-face. Sometimes, there may be online meetings. Please contact the division you belong to after registering.