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APCC Supporters' Association was established for the purpose of supporting and promoting APCC from a financial perspective. Over the 30 years of APCC's history, more than 15,000 children have participated, bridging language and religious differences and nurturing friendships between Japan and other countries in the Asia-Pacific region and around the world, which has been made possible by the support of over 170 companies in the Supporters' Association.Through APCC, our circle of supporters for a better world is expanding to Fukuoka, Japan, and the world, and we are also creating a network of supporters' associations to connect their warm hearts.We hope that you will understand the purpose of APCC, and we would be grateful if you would join us and contribute to the organization.

Greetings from the President of Supporters' Association

Asian-Pacific Children's Convention in Fukuoka
APCC Supporters' Association

President Susumu Ishihara

Thanks to the passion and heartwarming support of many people, Asia Pacific Children's Conference in Fukuoka (APCC) has continued for more than 30 years and has developed as a unique international exchange project in Fukuoka. The children who participated in this project when they were 11 years old have used their experience to grow into talented young people who will lead the future, and we believe that this is where the great significance of this project lies. We are also very happy to see that the number of people in Fukuoka who are involved in and supporting this project as volunteers, host families, and supporters is increasing every year.
APCC is a program that brings together children from more than 30 countries and regions around the world, and it is difficult not only in Japan but also around the world to conduct a project that involves such a diverse number and scale of countries and regions. It's something rare. We are confident that this unique international exchange project will continue for many years to come, bringing greater and richer fruit to Fukuoka and its children.
We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the corporations, organizations, and individuals who have supported us, as well as to the general public volunteers who have dedicated their time and efforts to this project. We look forward to continuing this project into the future for another 50 or 100 years, therefore ask for your continued support.

Activities of the Supporters' Association

Charity golf tournament

Charity golf tournament is organized by the Supporters' Association of Asian Pacific Children's Conference in Fukuoka and is held every year to provide an opportunity for exchange among the members of the Supporters' Association and many other companies. In 2023, the event was held at the Aso Izuka Golf Club on November 22, 2023, and was attended by 170 people and over 90 companies sponsored prizes. Funds raised from this charity golf event are used as a valuable contribution to APCC's large-scale operations.

The event will be held on Tuesday, October 15, 2024!
If you are interested in participating or sponsoring prizes, please contact APCC office.

Business report social gathering

We hold a business report social gathering once a year for all members, officers and directors of the Support Association. In 2024, it will be held on Tuesday, August 20th! In addition to receiving valuable opinions to support and promote APCC, it is also used as a place for supporting companies to interact with each other. If you are interested, please contact the APCC Secretariat.

About membership

Please complete the membership application form and we will contact you when we receive your application. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the office (092-710-6102).
*The membership period is one year from the date of payment, after which we will continue to invite you to continue for the next year if you have not indicated your intention to cancel your membership.

2023 Support Group
Corporate/Individual/Supporting members

(In no particular order, titles omitted) Corporate members and others, FY2023 results

Art Tech / RKB Mainichi Broadcasting / Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance / Aiko Building Service / Eyes Sports / iHome / Aoyagi / Acta / Asahi Motors / Ajikura / Assist / Ashuran / Aso / Aso Nursing Care Services / Aso Educational Services / Aso Kousan / Aso Juku / Aso Shoji / Aso Information Systems / Aso Cement / Aso Land Company / Aso Mining / Aso Medical Services / Ad Ace / APAMAN / Ahiru Social Insurance Labor Consultant Corporation / AEdesign Architectural Design Office / Inoue Construction / With Group / Motsunabe Ichifuji / A & A Architectural Office / NK Clean / NTT Docomo Kyushu Branch / Enomoto Kosan / M・TS Hikari/Oi Real Estate/Otaka Construction/Omura Bunka Gakuen/Only One/Kajima Construction Kyushu Branch/Kanefuku/Paper Resources/Kawashima Certified Public Accountant Office/Kawatoshi/Kawanami Electrical Construction/Kansai Holdings/Kitagawa Ryokuchi Construction/Castle House/Kyuoki/Kyushu Ace Denken/Kyushu Coffin/Kyushu Tsuden/Kyushu Electrical Safety Association Fukuoka Branch/Kyushu Electric Power/Kyushu Railway Company/Kyudenko/Global Arena/Koeisha/Koei Shokai/Kokunji Temple/Kobe Battery/Gold Sea Holdings/Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan/Seibu Gas Holdings/Saeki Japan/Sakaguchi Holdings Partners/ Sanix / Sun Aim / Sanko Firefighting Equipment / Sansei Shokai / CS Technos / Zeal / Showa Eating / Showa Group Marketing / Showa Iron Works / Josuian / Think Partners / Shinko / Shinnihon Seiyaku / Shinra Shoji / Shinwa / Sozo / Suematsu Printing / Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine / Tower Real Estate / Dunlop Tire Kyushu / Chidori Manju Sohonpo / Chuo Jidosha Kogyo / Chuo Jisho / Chiyoda / TIS / Tetsukawa Masakuni Tax Accounting Office / TeleQ / Denkuu System / Denso Solutions Kyushu Branch / Tokio Marine & Nichido / Toyota L&F Fukuoka / Toyota Corolla Fukuoka / Toyota Motor Kyushu / Toyota Mobility Parts Kyushu Northern Headquarters Branch / Toyota Usec TAA Kyushu Venue / Toyota Rick Kyushu / Toyota Rental & Lease Fukuoka / Nakano Metals / Nakamura Gakuen / Nakamura Construction / Nishijima Kosan / Nishitetsu Wellness / Nishitetsu M-Tech / Nishitetsu Body Technology / Nishitetsu Store / Nishitetsu Building Management / Nishi-Nippon City Bank / Nishinippon Shimbun General Orikomi / Nishi-Nippon Railroad / Nishinippon Glass Center / Nishinippon Sogo Jutaku / Nishinippon Building Agency / Nikkyu Kosan / Japan Automobile Federation Fukuoka Branch / Japan Fire Equipment Trading Company / Nippon Shiryo / Nextec / Netz Toyota Fukuoka / Noguchi Coin / BION / Hakata Gas Chemical / Panasonic / Hello Life / Bsys / Pietro / Fine Staff / Fabius / Photo Studio Inoue/FORTUNA/Fukuoka Printing/Fukuoka Foreign Language College/Fukuoka Bank/Fukuoka Prefecture Industrial Waste Treatment Business Cooperative/Fukuoka Transportation/Fukuoka Komatsu Forklift/Fukuoka Jisho/Fukuoka Showa Taxi/Fukuoka Threebond/Fukuoka Warehouse/Fukuoka Toyota Motor/Fukuoka Nanotsu Lions Club/Fukuoka Package/Fukuoka Realty/Fukuoka Logitem/Fukuaki Building Service/Fukuda Accounting Office/Fukunaga Design Office/Fukutoyo Teisan/Fukuya/Fudo Shoji/Prime Fukuoka/Bridgestone Tire Solutions Japan/Komori Koichi Architectural Design Office/Matsuyuki/Matsumoto Gumi/Matsumoto Denki Machinery Company / Marusan Industry / Maruya / Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance / Mitsuyama Electric / Mimoriya / Miyake Land and House Surveyor's Office / Miraizu Construction / Mori Surgery Clinic / Yamashita Medical Equipment / Yamamoto Estate / Yamamoto Equipment Industry / Youmate Gensai / Yume Create / Yokohama Tire Japan / Yoshimizu Certified Public Accountant's Office / Yoshimura Auto Glass / Yoshigen Construction / Rie Maria / Reform Sanko Service / Reizeikaku Hotel / Y.N. Logipress / Wako / RE / Saida Transportation / Shigeoka Dental Clinic / Shibata Law Office / Zoom / Zenkyoken / Tsunekawa & Okada Law Office / Fukuoka Chuo Bank / Shimizu Hirokazu / Kataoka Shunsuke and others