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Jiangsu Province/Jiangsu


What do you eat for breakfast? (from Australia)
What do you usually eat for breakfast? (From Australia)

What will you do to protect the earth? (from Maldives)
What would you do to help the earth? (From Maldives)

What is the biggest challenge you have ever taken on? (from Maldives)
What was the most challenging thing you've done? (From Maldives)

What is your favorite book? (From Jiangsu Province)
What's your favorite book? (From Jiangsu)

What are the popular occupations in your country? (from Japan)
What is the popular jobs in your country / region? (From Japan)

Q6-1. To Australia
What does Santa Claus ride in Australia? (from Japan)
How does Santa Claus come to you in Australia? (From Japan)

Q6-2. To Maldives
What is your favorite game? (from Australia)
What is your favorite activity? (From Australia)

Q6-3. To Jiangsu
What is the national costume of Jiangsu Province? (from Australia)
What is the national costume in Jiangsu? (From Australia)

Q6-4. To Japan
What (where) is the most popular thing (place) in Fukuoka? (from Australia)
What is the most popular attraction in Fukuoka? (From Australia)