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Every year, during the ``BRIDGE KIDS PROGRAMS'' hosted by the Asia Pacific Children's Conference in Fukuoka (APCC), more than 200 11-year-old child ambassadors and chaperones invited from all over the world turn the entire city of Fukuoka into a camping site during the summer. We are holding a program called ``BRIDGE Summer Camp'' that offers dynamic cross-cultural exchange. In 2021, APCC will utilize the experience and network it has cultivated over more than 30 years to hold an exchange project called ``BRIDGE Virtual Summer Camp'' that utilizes online as a new form of international exchange. This program consists of seven sessions in total for children from overseas and Fukuoka, where they interact through activities such as group work and cultural introductions. In addition, the aim is for children to understand each other and foster friendships while working together on the SDGs, which are common global goals.
Every year, the Asian-Pacific Children's Conference in Fukuoka (APCC) has been organizing the BRIDGE KIDS PROGRAMS program, where more than 200 11-year-old Junior Ambassadors and their chaperons are invited from all over the world to participate in the BRIDGE Summer Camp in Fukuoka to develop dynamic cross-cultural exchanges. In this year of 2021, APCC will hold the “BRIDGE Virtual Summer Camp”, an online exchange program, as a new form of international exchange, utilizing the experience and network that APCC has cultivated over the past 30 years. This program is designed for children overseas living and in Fukuoka, and consists of 7 sessions in total, where they will interact through activities such as group work and cultural introduction. The aim is to help children understand each other and develop friendships while working together to build global common goals called SDGs.

APCC Vision/Vision of APCC
We, APCC members, will become global citizens with an OMOIYARI heart and create a world filled with smiles for children.
We, as members of APCC, will become global citizens with an “OMOIYARI” spirit, creating a more peaceful world where the smiles of children abound

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[Program Overview]

[Planned participants]
■ Children Ambassadors (Children around the age of 11 who are scheduled to participate from among the 47 countries and regions where APCC has contact points)
■ FUKUOKA KIDS (Open recruitment for 4th to 6th grade elementary school students residing in Fukuoka Prefecture)

・Junior Ambassadors (11-year-old children from 47 countries/regions where there are APCC Liaison offices)
・FUKUOKA KIDS (4th to 6th year elementary school students living in the Fukuoka Prefecture)

[Program features]
■ Under the theme of ``making friends around the world,'' students will interact through activities such as group work and cultural introductions.
■You can develop friendships through a total of 7 programs, rather than a one-time interaction.
■ Utilizing the APCC network around the world, children from diverse countries and regions participate.
■ Group work was carried out by about 4 overseas children's ambassadors, about 3 FUKUOKA KIDS, facilitator volunteers who support children's exchanges, and overseas supporters who are former children's ambassadors.
■ Through this program, children will understand each other, develop friendships, and become ``global citizens with an OMOIYARI heart.''

[Program Features]
・Under the theme of “Making friends all over the world,” the children will interact with each other through group work and cultural introduction activities.
・This is not a one-time exchange, but a series of seven programs that will help participants develop friendships.
・Children from all over the world participate in the program through the APCC network
・The group work consists of about 4 Junior ambassadors, 3 FUKUOKA KIDS, a volunteer facilitator who supports the children's exchange, and an overseas supporter who was a former junior ambassador.
・Through the program, the children will be able to understand each other, develop friendships, and become global citizens with OMOIYARI spirit.

[Program Schedule]

Taking into account the time differences of participating countries and regions overseas, the event will be divided into two groups.
Considering the time difference between the participating countries and regions, the program will be divided into two groups.

schedule saturday team
sunday team
(Children Ambassador)
1st Sunday, August 8th*Morning or afternoon Same as leftFukuoka city facilities
2nd August 21 August 22nd *Home (Zoom)Home (Zoom)
3rd September 4 September 5th Home (Zoom) Home (Zoom)
4th September 18th September 19th *Home (Zoom) Home (Zoom)
5th October 2nd October 3 Home (Zoom) Home (Zoom)
6th October 16th October 17th Home (Zoom) Home (Zoom)
7th November 21st (Sunday) Afternoon Same as left Fukuoka city facilities

~Changes (Updated on May 13th)~
★About the 1st orientation
[Before change] Conducted in the afternoon → [After change] Morning or afternoon
★About the 2nd/4th program
[Before change] Face-to-face program → [After change] Online participation from home

  Saturday Team (16:00-19:00 JST) Sunday Team (9:00-12:00 JST) Venue (For Fukuoka Kids) Venue (For JAs)
1 August 8 same as on the leftFukuoka city facilities
2 August 21 August 22 *One's home (via Zoom) One's home (via Zoom)
3 September 4 September 5 One's home (via Zoom) One's home (via Zoom)
4 September 18 September 19 *One's home (via Zoom) One's home (via Zoom)
5 October 2 October 3 One's home (via Zoom) One's home (via Zoom)
6 October 16 October 17 One's home (via Zoom) One's home (via Zoom)
7 November 21 same as on the left Fukuoka city facilities

[Recruiting participants/FUKUOKA KIDS]

★About FUKUOKA KIDS recruitment (Applications closed on 6/25)

[Volunteer recruitment/Volunteer]

★About recruitment of facilitator volunteers (Applications closed on 5/30)

*Photos of the exchanges on this page were taken before 2019.

APCC has established a basic policy for countermeasures against the new coronavirus infection, and is planning and operating its business in accordance with this policy. Please see the page below for details.