[Homestay Program]

BRIDGE Summer Camp"Homestay Program"

◆This program is part of the "Bridge Summer Camp," an international exchange program that treats the entire city of Fukuoka as a camp ground and promotes dynamic intercultural exchange. It is a homestay program in which 11-year-old "child ambassadors" and their chaperones are invited from all over the world to experience Japanese family life and deepen their bonds with Japanese families.

◆By welcoming international participants who come to enjoy living and experiencing Japanese culture into your home as part of your family, you can be exposed to diverse values and cultures through the international participants, and the whole family can enjoy international exchange without having to leave Fukuoka.

◆Host families who will be welcoming child ambassadors and chaperones from the same country will form groups of 5 to 7 families and work together as a group from the preparation period to welcome the children, so even first-timers can take on the challenge with confidence.

Homestay Period

☆The homestay period may vary slightly depending on the BRIDGE Summer Camp schedule for that year.
Every year from around July 15th for about a week

Main conditions for participation

- Families living in Fukuoka Prefecture who agree with the vision and purpose of the sponsoring organization (APCC)
<In the case of accepting Junior Ambassadors>
☆You can share your meals and sleep during your homestay.
Children of the same age, 4th to 6th grade (as of April 2020)Families with
<In the case of accepting a chaperone>
☆Families with people who can communicate in English (daily conversation level)
・Families who understand and meet the detailed participation conditions described in the recruitment guidelines

Welcoming the Child Ambassadors with Handmade Welcome Flags

Call for proposals schedule

・The open call for applications for the BRIDGE Summer Camp 2020 homestay program will begin on Friday, January 10, 2020.
・The application deadline is Friday, February 14, 2020.
・Application does not mean you will be selected as a host family. After the selection process, you will be notified in writing in early April whether or not you will be accepted as a host family.