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[🌟FUKUOKA KIDS wanted!!🌟]

In the summer of 2022, APCC will hold "BRIDGE Virtual Summer Camp" using online ☺ The theme is "Let's make friends around the world ~ Learn about each other ~", and children will be able to interact through the screen. Overcoming language and cultural barriers and fostering friendships. We are currently preparing to deliver such an experience 💪!!
And this time, the participants of "BRIDGE Virtual Summer Camp" are 4th to 6th grade elementary school children from Fukuoka Prefecture.FUKUOKA KIDSRecruitment has started!! We are looking forward to applications from people who want to use English, experience international exchange, and make friends from overseas.

[Recruitment target] 4th to 6th grade elementary school students living in Fukuoka prefecture
[Application period] April 6, 2022 (Monday) to May 2, 2022 (Monday) 15:00
[How to apply] Please go to the "FUKUOKA KIDS" page from the page below and be sure to check the details and recruitment requirements.

We are looking forward to receiving many applications!!

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