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OMOIYARI Essay/Composition Contest

We're looking for your own special stories!

OMOIYARI Essay/Composition Contest


This year as well, exchanges that deepened the bonds between children and hearts in the Asia-Pacific region were held in various places and among various people. I believe that many wonderful memories remain in the hearts of everyone who was involved in the Asia Pacific Children's Conference in Fukuoka. Could you please tell us a special story that is unique to you? Please tell us about your memorable experiences with the Children's Ambassadors, the things that surprised you, the troubles you had, what you felt while overcoming the unexpected, the kindness of people you came into contact with, etc. . (It doesn't have to be something that happened this year)

The winning entries will be introduced at the APCC PR event “Asia-Pacific Children's Conference in Fukuoka: Cross-Cultural Exchange Experience - The Secret of Omoiyari” held on September 24th, and will also be posted on the APCC website. I would like to. We will give away a small gift to the best entries.

Please apply to the APCC Secretariat by Sunday, August 21st, following the application guidelines below. We are looking forward to hearing many wonderful stories from you!

Application requirements

- Up to 3 sheets of 400-character manuscript paper, up to about 1200 characters (short ones are also acceptable)

*If possible, please submit a typed version on A4 size paper.

・If you have any photos or objects related to the episode, please attach them and submit them.

   ・Send the application form below to the APCC Secretariat by mail, email, or fax.Delivered by August 21stsend.


NPO Asia-Pacific Children's Conference in Fukuoka Secretariat

FAX: 092-734-7711, E-mail:

Address 1-10-1-5F Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka 810-0001


◆◆◆ OMOIYARI Essay/Composition Contest Application Form ◆◆◆


full name


Whether name can be published or not

<Acceptable/Unacceptable> *If the name cannot be published ⇒

pen name


School name/grade


Your profession


Contact phone number




Work title


Your involvement with APCC to date


*Entered works (including photos) cannot be returned, so please keep copies of them.

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