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APCC will be featured on KBC “Compass to the Future” on August 28th!

8/28 The Children's Conference will be broadcast on KBC Future Compass (noon to 12:15)! Please take a look☆


Why did it continue in Fukuoka? ? Asia Pacific Children's Conference

The Asia-Pacific Children's Conference in Fukuoka, an international exchange event originating from Fukuoka, was held in 1989 as a part of the Asia-Pacific Expo Yokatopia, and this year marks its 23rd year.

The event was originally supposed to be a one-time event. That is the reason why it has continued in Fukuoka for 23 years.

There is not only the geographical condition close to Asia, but also the <power> that has continued to give to the people of Fukuoka,

There was a soil unique to Fukuoka.

What lies beyond international exchange that transcends language and cultural barriers?

In addition to the invitation program to be held in July of this year, the project will foster "future global citizens from Fukuoka" based on footage shot by KBC since the first event and stories from people involved in the project from the beginning to the present. approaching. 



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