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◎ For host families with past experience ◎ About BC Delegation

◎About BC Delegation
<To all APCC host families who have previously hosted a student>
The members who will be participating in the APCC 25th anniversary event this summer at their own expense are called the "BC Delegate."
BC Delegation members are generally scheduled to stay in hotels near Tenjin, which will be arranged by APCC. However, if the individual wishes, they may contact their previous host families themselves and, if an agreement is reached, may stay in a homestay.

If the student contacts us directly, we would appreciate your positive consideration. If the student agrees to the homestay, we ask that the student contact the APCC office directly.

*If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our office.


◎The 25th APCC invitation schedule (including special invitations) is here

If there are any changes or updates to the schedule, we will update this page accordingly.

The event on July 20th (Saturday) is scheduled to be open to the public, so please check the details on this website for more information.

We will guide you there. Look forward to it!



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