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We met the ambassador of the Japanese Embassy in Samoa!

Last Wednesday, October 1st, I met with Ambassador Kazumasa Shibusa of the Embassy of Japan in Samoa.
001 (400x30...
003 (400x30...The Japanese Embassy was opened in Samoa in January 2013, and Ambassador Shibusa was appointed.
When he was stationed in Samoa and met local people, the place name "Fukuoka" often came up.
Ambassador Shibusa, who is originally from Fukuoka, was delighted to hear that he was a participant in the Asia-Pacific Children's Conference.
Apparently, there were several people who had been to Fukuoka before.
Some of them said, ``I was able to eat so much delicious food!''
Many people seem to have a positive image of Fukuoka.
The ambassador was on a private trip back to his hometown, but he wanted to hear more about this children's conference.
We received the information through Fukuoka City Hall.
Ambassador Shibata, whom I met in person, was a very positive and energetic person ^^
And to the host families in Fukuoka who gave the Samoan children many good experiences.
He said he would like to express his gratitude to everyone involved.
Unfortunately, invitations to Samoa are currently no longer available, but this is an opportunity to
I also felt that it would be good if there were more connections between Samoa and Fukuoka.
There was an article written by Ambassador Shibata on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs page, so please refer to it♪
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