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[Announcement from the Secretariat] Bridge Club Nepal's Disaster Relief Activities Report #1


<Report on Disaster Relief Activities by Bridge Club Nepal>

Report from BRIDGE CLUB Nepal

About their support activities for earthquake victims


Following the devastating earthquake that occurred in central Nepal on Saturday, April 25th last year, our NPO and the alumni organization BRIDGE CLUB JAPAN (BCJ), which is made up of past program participants in Japan, conducted a fundraising campaign called the "APCC OMOIYARI Fund" for three months from April to July 2015 in order to provide whatever support we could to the many people suffering in the affected areas.

The donations collected (201,183 yen from APCC and 191,175 yen from BCJ) were entrusted to BRIDGE CLUB Nepal, the APCC alumni organization in Nepal, to be used for disaster relief activities, where they are most needed at the moment.

The first activity report arrived from the site the other day, so we would like to share it with you.




Dear APCC members,

  On January 23, 2016, we at BC Nepal successfully carried out support activities for children affected by the disaster in Nuwakot State, about 65 kilometers from the capital, Kathmandu.



With the support from APCC, we were able to donate stationery to 104 students. This is the first part of our relief efforts, and we hope to provide stationery to more students in the future. We plan to visit another disaster area next time.

We also used the support money from BCJ to donate sweaters and knitted hats to the children.Please take a look at the photos we have enclosed.






On behalf of BC Nepal, I would like to once again express my sincere gratitude for your kind support.


Roshan Pokhrel

President of BC Nepal









The Asian Pacific Children Convention (APCC) in Fukuoka and BRIDGE Club Japan (BCJ), an alumni association of APCC, expressed deep concern towards the devastating earthquake which hit Nepal in April 2015. From our side, we started a fund raising campaign, "APCC OMOIYARI Donation for Nepal," for three months (from May to July) as a support to the earthquake victims.


The collected funds (APCC →201,183 yen and BCJ →191,175 yen) were donated to BRIDGE CLUB Nepal (BCN), an alumni association of APCC. BC Nepal organized the first phase of a donation program to school children affected by the earthquake.


Last week we received a donation program report from BC Nepal.
And we would like to share the same report with all of you.


Thank you BC Nepal for carrying out this project and delivering the OMOIYARI to the people of Fukuoka and the children in the affected areas. 





Bridge Club Nepal (BCN) successfully conducted a donation program to earthquake affected children in Nuwakot District, 65km from the capital city, on Jan 23, 2016. Donation of stationery materials reached out to 104 students. This is the first phase of our donation and we are committed to reach out to more students. In the second phase we are looking forward to help children from another affected area. 


We also conducted a donation of woolen clothes (sweaters and caps) to the children at the same event. This event was supported by Bridge Club Japan (BCJ).


Please find some pictures from donation in the attachments 🙂

BCN would like to express deep gratitude for your generous support 🙂


Thanking You,


Roshan Pokhrel

President, BCN

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