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[Notice from other organizations] 2018 Summer Vacation Homestay Challenge Program in Dalian, China

Following on from last year, the event was hosted by the Fukuoka-Dalian Future Committee, a supporting organization of APCC.
This is an announcement regarding the recruitment of participants for the "Summer Vacation Dalian, China Homestay Challenge Program."
APCC will not be holding a summer mission project this year either, so we will be holding a special event for those who have been continuing their exchange between Fukuoka and Dalian for many years.
The Fukuoka-Dalian Future Committee, which has been supporting the summer Dalian Children's Ambassador program for many years,
It will be hosted and carried out by
APCC hopes that the APCC project will further promote grassroots international exchange between Fukuoka and Dalian.
We support this project.
The program will run for five nights and six days from Wednesday, August 15th to Monday, August 20th, and is aimed at students from fifth grade of elementary school to high school.
Please take a look at the attached recruitment information and consider taking on the homestay challenge in Dalian this summer vacation.
For inquiries and applications regarding the project, please contact the Fukuoka-Dalian Future Committee listed in the application guidelines.
Please contact me directly.
The application period is until Thursday, May 31st, so please check the application requirements as soon as possible.
Please check the Fukuoka-Dalian Future Committee website for further details (recruitment guidelines and application forms can be downloaded).
*If you scroll down the page you will see an article about recruiting members.
We look forward to your consideration and participation!
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