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[Notice from other organizations] Recruiting participants for workshop for high school students!

Sponsored by the Fukuoka Prefecture Headquarters of the United Nations Association of Japan, which is a supporting organization of APCC, and the Kyushu Branch of the United Nations Forum, which previously cooperated with the GBL Action Program.Thinking about our future: "The world and life design the UN aims for - Lectures and workshops by former UN staff"This is the information for.

Please check the details below and participate if you are a high school student who is interested.


Recruiting high school participants! (Junior high school students can also participate)

We are holding a career event for high school students, inviting former United Nations employee Jun Kukita!

``I want to hear stories from people who worked on the front lines of the United Nations.'' ``I want to try life planning.'' ``I want to connect with high school students who are working hard.''

We are planning content that is fulfilling for high school students. High school students who are standing at a crossroads in their lives probably have various dreams and worries for the future. This project is aimed at such high school students so that they can be inspired by attractive guests and fellow high school students about their life options beyond just where they go to college and where they work.


Part 1 Special Lecture

“Design your own life for the world – Living in the 21st century” Speaker: Jun Kukita

Part 2 Participatory workshop

“The United Nations Global Goals and Our Future”

Part 3 Q&A Corner *16:00

--Project overview--

Date and time: 11/18 (Sun) 13:00-16:00

Location: Fukuoka City General Library 3F Conference Room 1

Target: High school students (junior high school students can also participate)

Apply here:

Inquiries: United Nations Forum Kyushu Branch Terada, Kukan)

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