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APCC performance event “We are the BRIDGE Festival 2019”

On Saturday, July 20th, the performance event,
“We are the BRIDGE Festival 2019” will be held!
We will broadcast it live on youTube!!

Stay tuned with us and enjoy the unique performances

by the JAs of 46 delegations!!!

On Saturday, July 20th, "We are the BRIDGE Festival 2019", an event where child ambassadors from Asia-Pacific countries and regions participating in BRIDGE Summer Camp will perform songs and dances, will be held at Elgala Passage Plaza in Tenjin. will be done.

The event will be broadcast live on YouTube, but if you are in Tenjin, please stop by Elgala Passage Square to see the wonderful smiling faces of the Children's Ambassadors. The stage schedule for the day is as follows.

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