Participants Voice


Rion Hatae


Participated in Challenge Trip in Spring 2019, (Ho Chi Minh City)

I felt like I had grown through a lot of experiences.

When I heard about the challenge trip in April from my father, I said, ``I really want to go.'' I wanted to test how well my communication skills would work abroad, so I was not anxious at all. Although a typhoon shortened our stay in Vietnam, I could not control my excitement and practiced Vietnamese greetings on the plane to Vietnam.
When I arrived in Ho Chi Minh, my host family gave me a warm welcome. Although it was challenging to find a good time to show my Vietnamese, which I had learned so much, I really enjoyed my time there.

During my stay, I realized that there are many things I don't know about Japan. Everywhere I went, I was asked questions about Japan, but there were times I couldn't answer them. As a Japanese person, I felt embarrassed. However, I don't think I would have been able to have these precious experiences if I hadn't participated in the program and come to Ho Chi Minh City.
In the airport lobby where I returned home after experiencing so much, I saw myself reflected in the glass wall and felt like I had grown a little.