Participants Voice


Shino Watanabe


Participated in Challenge Trip in Spring 2019, (Tonga)

The time I spent with my family and friends in Tonga is something I will treasure forever.

"It's hot!" These are the first words I said when I went to Tonga. The moment I stepped off the plane, I felt a rush of hot air. In Tonga, even in March, it was hot in the middle of summer, with temperatures exceeding 25 degrees Celsius. When we went, it was the rainy season, and it rained for at least two of the four days. So I played cards at my host family's house. My host friend and I talked a lot through gestures and became friends. My sister and brother also played together.

My favorite memory is making friends in Tonga. They served me a variety of meals at home. There was always more than I could eat, and there was food I had never seen before. The time I spent with my host family like family has become a treasure of my life. I went to school on the third day. It's a Christian school with a church inside the school, and I was very surprised to see children of all ages in the classrooms. I would like to thank the group leader and assistant leaders, as well as the office and support staff, for making this experience possible and for giving me the opportunity to go to Tonga.