Participants Voice


Takato Fujisaki


Participated in Challenge Trip in Spring 2017, (Papua New Guinea)

Even if you don't understand the language, if you smile, you can communicate.

I did a homestay in Papua New Guinea. For the first two days, I cried because I was homesick. I felt anxious because I couldn't understand what everyone was saying. My host family said many things to me. At first, I didn't understand what they were saying, but everyone was kind to me and I was able to open up to them little by little. On the last day of my stay, my host brother and I had so much fun playing with balloons that we could not sleep.
Also, when I went to a village called Rigo, I was surprised that there were no flush toilets like in Japan. At night, I was asked if I wanted to wash my body, and when I said yes, I was very surprised to be taken to the river. I was reluctant at first, but when I got up the courage to go in, it was cold and pleasant.
When I laughed, my host family would smile back. It made me realize that even if you don't understand the language, you can communicate with others by smiling, and you can have lots of fun by taking the first step and jumping into the group. From now on, I would like to study the English language very well and be able to talk to foreigners when they are having trouble.