Participants Voice


Nobuyuki Masatoki


10th batch of the Wing Kids Program. Through the Wing Kids Program, Host family for New Zealand Junior Ambassadors, went on a study tour to Taiwan, and then went on a Challenge Trip to Maldives.

Experiences the differences between Japan and other countries. I was surprised, but it was interesting.

At first, I found the lectures by Urabe, Curriculum Director of the Wing Kids Program, and the assignments for preparation and review very difficult and challenging. But I think I learned a lot and gained new knowledge from each monthly lecture and assignment. I enjoyed the homestay experience, experiencing the tea ceremony with a New Zealand child and learning the "haka" dance. In Taiwan during the study tour, I was nervous and a little homesick for my first homestay, but I was happy that my host family was kind to me. I learned a lot about life at school and at home in Taiwan. Through this program, I experienced the differences in lifestyle and culture between Japan and other countries. Sometimes I was surprised by the differences, but I thought they were interesting. Through my activities as a Wing Kid, I became more interested in Japan and other countries. From now on, I want to learn more about Japan so that I can talk more about Japan and learn about other countries around the world.